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Sustainable innovation


Farmer and entrepreneur, Alessandro grew up in Rome and Great Britain and moved to Palermo in 1994 to begin working on the family farm. Years of experience matured side by side his father, Giuseppe, joint with a strong innate curiosity and creatività, makes him both the guardian of the family traditions and the interpreter/promoter/champion of a sustainable and innovative agricolture. Research on new cultivations, the reduction of environmetal footprints and the use of renewable Energy sources inspire his work.


Simple rules in complex environments


Arabella has developed her knowledge of firm strategy in Italy, United States of America, South America and Great Britain. Attention paid to details, to Nature, to people and the exaltation of quality through the use of the best process technologies are the ways in whchi Ari manifests her passion for olive trees. Her drive to leverage the unique traits of the farms’ resources and competences, using variety and unity as keys to obatain a dynamic competitive advantage in a demanding and evolving market, are core to the farms’ positioning and development strategies.


A Renaisence between Rome and Palermo


Art historian, journalist and curator, Valentina Bruschi moved from Rome to Palermo in 2004. Valentina has now managed to place her writing and curating work side by side with her passion for history, the territory and traditions. She is convinced that “Agriculture is culture” following Joseph Beuys’s lesson that defending nature is an antropoligical mission. In 2014 she creates the Monte Alburchia Oil with her husband Alessandro.